Sunday School

Johnny Chae - 4-5 year olds

4 & 5 Year Olds

Teacher: Mrs. Elaine Colwell

Helper: Ms. Rita LeFevre

SIMPLE BIBLE STORIES, COLORFUL CRAFTS, and SMILING FACES make learning fun and easy for this amazing class. If you have children in this age group, then we're positive that they will feel LOVED and EXCITED every Sunday!

Johnny Chae - SONshine class 1-2 grade PNG

1st & 2nd Graders

Teacher: Ms. Maryann Nichols

Helper: Mrs. Danielle Wallek

As your children grow, we desire for their knowledge of BIBLE TRUTHS to grow along with them. This class accomplishes this desire by lessons that are both ENGAGING and PURPOSEFUL!

Johnny Chae - 3rd-5th grade boys


Teacher: Bro. Luke Duncan

Helper: Mrs. Leann Duncan

In this class, our young boys and girls are taught how to serve both the Lord and others through lessons that challenge their SOUL, SPIRIT, and MIND!

Johnny Chae - Berean Logo PNG

Berean Class Teenagers

Teacher: Bro. Ben Walker

Helper: Mrs. Emily Walker

Our teenagers are a vital part of our church! This class shows WHY and HOW they should serve the Lord through lessons that ACTIVATE minds, CONFRONT sin, and ENCOURAGE growth.

Johnny Chae - Navigators Logo PNG

Navigators Class College & Career

Teacher: Bro. Scott Greene

Helper: Mrs. Maria Greene

Members of this class are currently making the most important DECISIONS of their lives. Each lesson is designed to FOCUS on these choices and EXPLAIN what the Bible has to say about it all.

Johnny Chae - Heritage Logo PNG

Heritage Class 20-40 Years Old

Teacher: Bro. Mark Goniotakis

Helper: Mrs. Priscilla Goniotakis

We all need to grow in our fellowship with God, and this class provides the opportunity to do so! PRACTICAL Bible study will help you APPLY God's Word in your daily life, and GROW in

your walk with him.

Johnny Chae - Foundations Logo PNG

Foundations Class 40-60 Years Old

Teacher: Bro. Danny Alegria

Helper: Mrs. Sally Alegria

During this stage of life, the need for GODLY DIRECTION and a DEEPER KNOWLEDGE of the Bible is greater than ever. This class will not only help you personally, but also teach you how to LEAD and INFLUENCE others in their walk with God.

Johnny Chae - Ambassadors Logo PNG

Ambassadors Class 60 & better

Teacher: Bro. Bill Dodson

Helper: Mrs. Joanna Dodson

Caring FRIENDSHIPS, regular ACTIVITIES, and a focus on GOD'S WORD are the elements that we desire to provide for our beloved, senior saints. Be sure to come ready to learn and enjoy in this SUPPORTIVE and LOVING class!